Photo Recap of Lifetime Movie, Part 1

This post is very pic heavy so if you have a slow internet connection I would like to remind you that it is the year 2013 and ask why. Also, some pics are probably NSFW. Since the movie is an hour and a half, I will be doing this in three easily digestible, thirty minute sections.

This movie was pretty much what I expected it would be, only a little worse. The acting wasn’t too bad but the story was all over the place. It’s surprising since so much of the real story was already out there, there was really no need for stupid inconsistencies or changing minor details. I get that they might have thought they were making it more entertaining for TV but the stuff they changed was just so stupid. It seemed as though 60% was made up and 40% actually happened. They should have focused more on the premeditation and the court scenes. What ended up happening was that the court scene was tacked on at the end with flashback scenes of her premeditation which wouldn’t make any sense for someone who wasn’t already familiar with every aspect of the case. I was also disappointed that Tania Raymonde couldn’t get her buddy and costar from Lost, John Locke, to play in the movie as himself.

Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 3.11.55 AM

The movie opens with very soft, sun soaked lighting and “artistic” shots of Jodi being taken by Travis. Since she has brown hair, we are to assume this is the day of.

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New Article Published On Cracked!

This one isn’t trial related, but I would love it if you wanted to check it out! It’s called 5 Insane Things Supposedly Seen On Mars.

New Clip From Lifetime Movie Released

Let’s have a contest to see who can watch this the longest without cringing. I made it to about the thirty second mark:



Travis’ Ebook Online

A nice chap has taken the time to gather all of Travis’ online writings and put them all together to make a little ebook. Click here for details on how to download the book for free.

Stills Released From Arias Lifetime Movie “Dirty Little Secrets”

I am going to shame-watch the hell out of this thing. I am not particularly proud of that fact; just putting it out there. A bunch of stills have been leaked online and I would like to analyze some of them.


Here’s Jodi and Travis, hanging out in a laundry room of some sort. Pretty good so far.

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John Locke Comes Out; Says He Voted Against DP To The Surprise of Absolutely No One

In a bold move, jury foreman John Locke said in an interview this week that he was one of the four jury members who voted against the death penalty. Shocking, right? I will admit though; it takes balls to make a statement like this especially since all the hate he has supposedly received thus far. Of course, this could just be another one of his ploys to get in Jodi’s pants. Maybe he is one step closer to reaching out to her?

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Juan Martinez Says He Would Kill Himself If He Were Married To Willmott

The sidebars, along with more jury questions, are being unleashed this week onto the internets. In an incredible except from an April 2nd proceeding, Juan says, “But the thing is, if Ms. Willmott and I were married, I certainly would say I f’ing want to kill myself.”

He was trying to prove a point that, just because Arias said that Travis at one time said he wanted to kill himself, regardless of the fact of whether or not Jodi could be believed, he was only saying it because of the bad relationship and not because he actually wished to do himself harm.  Read More…